3 Ways to DIY Pool Maintenance in a Pinch!

Blue Ribbon Pools helps you avoid the frustration and maximizes your pool expectations – providing you with “vacation water”. Keeping your pool attractive, safe and cost effective is our commitment to customers. We solve all your problems with pool cleaning and maintenance, and our solutions are delivered seven days a week – 365 days a year!

And if you keep us coming on a regular basis, there should be no problems keeping your pool in top condition. However, we are aware that on occasion, sometimes things come up that you were not prepared to deal with and can’t always pick up the phone to get to us right away. With that in mind, here are some DIY Swimming Pool Maintenance “Hacks” – adapted from Swim University – and to be used only when you can’t call us yet! (Remember, these hacks DO NOT replace regular routine cleaning and maintenance, but do help make your life easier!)

1. Use a tennis ball to remove oils from the surface of the water.

Believe it or not, tennis balls will absorb oils (natural body oil, suntan lotion, makeup, hair products, etc). So throw a couple of tennis balls into your pool and just leave them be – they’ll do the work on their own!

2. Clean pool tile with a baking soda paste.

You’ve probably experimented with baking soda while cleaning your own home. Well, your pool is no different! Mix together baking soda with just enough water to form a paste. Using a sponge or brush (something that will scrub but not scratch) take a bit of the paste and scrub the tiles around your pool. The baking soda won’t negatively affect the water.

3. Use pantyhose to collect debris.

Pantyhose tends to be a bit cheaper than skimming socks. You can wrap the pantyhose around your skimmer net and just dispose of them when they are full. You can also wrap them around your skimmer baskets. The pantyhose will actually help collect more debris than with just a plain ol’ skimmer basket.

We hope these “hacks” will help you in a pinch, but remember that your best bet is always just to contact Blue Ribbon Pools to keep your vacation water in pristine condition!