5 Ways to Make Your Swimming Pool Safer

While a pool is a great asset for your home and fun for the whole family, there’s no sugarcoating it – it also has potential to be pretty dangerous if you’re careless. And we believe when it comes to swimming pools, it’s safety first – no matter what. Remember, accidental drownings happen fast- within the amount of time it takes to answer the telephone. Additionally, child drowning usually occurs without splashing, screaming, or other noises to alert an adult. The following are a few tips in order to insure your pool is the safest it could possibly be for your children.

1. Adult Supervision

While this may seem like a no-brainer for parents, it is still the most important tip we can give. For one, your child is less likely to be rowdy and daring in the presence of an adult. But sometimes just the presence is not enough. If your children are in the pool, be in the pool with them. If that’s not possible, make sure you are close enough for a quick jump in if a rescue is needed!

2. Invest in Flotation Devices.

The next best thing to having you next to them in the pool, is a floatation device that your child can wear or at least cling to. It is recommended that every pool owner should own a lifesaver ring with rope and a shepherd’s hook to be utilized in case of drowning. Life jackets are a great investment, as well as floaties, kickboards, pool noodles. Flotation devices should never be kept away from the pool and all children should be taught how to use them properly.

3. Fence It In

This might seem like another no-brainer. Have a fence surrounded your pool so your child cannot accidentally walk around the backyard and fall in! A fence of a least four feet is recommended, with vertical slats less than 4 inches apart. Some makers of pool fences design their products with child safety as their core mission and will provide you an unique list of safety features.

4. Safe-Designed Ladders and Steps

While, having a fence around your pool should keep children and any unauthorized users out – but there are more security features you can implement as well, even in the form of a pool ladder! Some ladders feature roll guards to block off and make inaccessible the outside rungs, keeping everyone out until you release this feature. And while you’re enjoying the pool, it is still important to have safe steps and ladders to prevent slips and falls!

5. Invest in an Alarm

An “invisible fence” or a perimeter alarm is your best bet here. These will detect motion and set off a loud siren to alert you. You can additionally get an alarm specifically for your pool’s gate, or you are also able to purchase alarms that children wear on their own wrists! The wrist-alarms will go off if the wrist goes underwater.

While we encourage everyone make the most out of their vacation water, we ask you to always remember – safety first!