A Practical Luxury

There is a difference between wanting your pool and backyard area to “look like a million bucks” and actually having that kind of money! We know it’s hard to spruce up your space and stay on top of trends when you are trying to stick to a budget. In times when you just want a little extra oomph in your pool area but don’t want to throw your savings down the drain, why not consider installing a pool fountain?

There are several different types of pool fountains that you can easily install in your inground pool – and even some for your above ground pool! There are poolside fountains (this gets attached to a return jet) and there are floating fountains (these- yes, float on water). While there are fountains that have different light and pattern functions, and fountains that can get really pricey, there are plenty of inexpensive options that will add touches of class and beauty to your pool!

We do not recommend pool fountains just because they can be an affordable luxury.  There are actually quite a few practical benefits of installing a fountain as well! We know that fountains are really pretty to look at, and add an extra element of fun to your pool time. Fountains can also be stress-relieving. While swimming is already a way to reduce your stress, the sound of running water from the fountain also helps alleviate stress as well.

Additionally, pool fountains help circulate your pool water. In addition to your pool pump, a pool fountain (or multiple fountains) will further increase your water circulation, which is crucial for distributing your water chemicals, and pushing nasty things out through your filtration system!

As an added benefit for the particularly brutal summer months, pool fountains help cool down your pool. Through a process called aeration, oxygen is introduced to the water droplets that are sprayed into the air by the pool fountain. This oxygen makes those water droplets cool down, and when they return back down to your pool water, you can expect your pool temperature to decrease by up to four degrees!

Need help sifting through all your pool fountain options? Want to see what’s available to you and get an expert opinion? Stop by the Blue Ribbon Pools showroom and speak to an expert!