My pool is cloudy, what do I do?

Pool water clarity is dependent on two things: the effectiveness of the filter and the chemical balance in the pool. The pool’s filter provides 85% of the water clarity and the chemicals used to treat a pool add the other 15%. Chemicals or filters alone cannot keep a pool clear. If the filter media is old it may need replacing. If the pool ‘balance’ is wrong it needs fixing. The problem usually associated with a cloudy pool is a filter media filter. A D.E. filter may need a manual cleaning, a sand filter may need backwashing or replacement of the sand, a cartridge filter usually always requires replacement of the cartridges. If the pool water chemistry is okay, it’s time to perform maintenance on the filter.

What should I do if a major storm is approaching?

Blue Ribbon Pools Storm Service Guidelines

  • Our priority is the safety of our client, their guests, and our employees – we will not compromise safety in any circumstance.
  • Service may be suspended due to the proximity of high winds, lightning or other threatening conditions.
  • The client is responsible for anyone using their pool, spa, or pool deck during a storm. We use the beach patrol and lifeguards as indicators of hazardous conditions – when they clear the beach, you must clear the pool deck.
  • If you choose to put pool furniture or other items in the pool, you are responsible for removing them.
  • If you lower the water level before or after a storm, be very careful NOT TO DRAIN THE POOL. The high water conditional surrounding a storm can cause your pool to POP – come out of the ground – and the repair cost is very high.
  • We will make every effort to maintain DOH – mandated water conditions during a storm. We make our regular visits if possible to adjust water chemistry and maintain water safety and clarity.
  • When conditions permit, we will resume service on our regular schedule. We cannot guarantee that your pool will be clear of storm debris on your regular service day. We will make every effort to visit each property within three days of a storm to begin cleanup (if there is no loss of electrical service).
  • In the event of a storm that causes the loss of electrical service at your property we will attempt to use chemicals to maintain sanitary water in your pool or spa. Of course, we cannot predict when your pool / spa will be ready for use.
  • We will help you plan for the restoration of service with the support of our entire team, local safety officials, and the Health Department. Please contact us at 386-366-9000 or

Remodeling and Construction

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Repair and Equipment

We find leaks, provide factory-certified equipment repair, and remodel all types of pool, tile, and deck surfaces. Repairs are time-sensitive, so we maintain the area’s largest inventory of parts and equipment. Rely on us for emergencies 24/7.


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