Blue Ribbon Pools makes the summer break process smooth

Blue Ribbon Pools makes the summer break process smooth, easy, and safe for their employees and guests. If you are expecting a larger than average turnout for a special event, let Blue Ribbon Pools know and they will make special accommodations to make sure your pool is running with the utmost efficiency.

Recently Blue Ribbon Pools was on the scene to make sure the pool was running in top condition for every day of the Dayton 2 Daytona 5-day event, for when the pool in question would contain 5 times its normal amount of swimmers.

Put your guests in the hands of Blue Ribbon Pools and you’ll never have to worry a thing!

Blue Ribbon Pools stayed on site throughout and serviced the pool 4 times each day (including a servicing from 11pm-midnight every night). Phosphate levels were constantly monitored and there were never any qualms about reopening the pool every day.