Deck the Pool With Boughs of Holly!

We’re sure you know that your pool is an investment – but are you making the most of your investment all year round? With a few additions like LED lights and a pool heater, you could virtually be using your pool 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year ’round!

If you decorate your house for the holidays, why not extend that your backyard? With LED pool lighting with changeable colors and even pool-safe dyes, your swimming pool can also be decorated for the holiday season!

How else can you enjoy the most out of your pool and backyard this season? Why not share the fun? Turn your pool and entire backyard into THE place to throw a holiday party!

With the proper lighting strategically placed throughout your backyard (including tiki torches and string lights around the fence), and some LED or floating lights in the pool, you’ll be set to keep the action going even when the sun sets early.

Another fun thing that might be cool to show (off!) is a fountain show!

Need help planning the design of your outdoor holiday party? Come visit our Outdoor Lifestyle Store in Port Orange and talk to our knowledgeable staff to find out what will work best for your vision and needs!