Extending the Season

Winter hits everywhere in the country eventually, including the Sunshine State. When the temperatures drop, you may be tempted to shut down your pool for a while. But when you stop to consider how big of an investment your pool was and how much you love it, do you really want to go without using it? 

Your pool CAN still be enjoyed in cooler temperature as long as you follow a few extra “pool rules”. Essentially, as long as you reduce heat loss and keep your pool warm, your fun times in the pool never have to end! 

Let’s focus on heat retention. The easiest way to keep the heat is to put a solar cover on your pool when it is not in use. A solar cover reduces pool heat loss by 75%. So, by using a solar cover, your pool heats 75% more efficiently, staying warm longer!

Another way to improve heat retention and reduce heat loss is to install a wind blocking enclosure around your pool. This type of enclosure will insulate your entire pool area, block out cold gusts of wind, and – as an added bonus – will keep debris out of your water! 

None of the above are entirely foolproof ways to make sure your pool water stays at a warm and comfortable enough temperature to swim in. For this security, you should invest in a type of heater. A pool heat pump is a great choice. Pool heat pumps only cost about one-third of the monthly expense of gas heaters, making them the most cost-effective on-demand heating available. Instead of physically generating heat like gas and electric heaters do, pool heat pumps work by harvesting natural heat! 

Of course, if you’d prefer a gas or electric heater instead – that is entirely your choice to make! Get in touch with our staff at Blue Ribbon Pools and we’ll go through all your options to make sure you get the most out of your pool all year round!