Heat Today, Enjoy Tomorrow!

It may only be August, but it’s not too early to consider your pool heater! In addition to being able to enjoy your pool in the cooler months, a properly heated pool can contribute to your health and well-being! Doctors and physical therapists regard swimming as one of the most beneficial of cardiovascular exercises. It is an exercise that nearly everyone can do safely, regardless of age and most debilitating conditions. A heated pool is also great for therapeutic benefits. Doctors and Red Cross swimming experts recommend pool temperatures of from 78 degrees F for recreation and competitive sports swimming, to 90 degrees F or more for certain physical therapy patients.

Of course, the best reason to purchase a pool heater is to make sure you can enjoy your investment (your pool!) all year round with no off season.

Some pool heaters can wear out in only three or four years, but others can last 3 or 4 times as long. Heater failure is usually the result of some outside cause-not normal usage – provided it has been properly maintained. However, one maintenance inspection a year is typically sufficient to keep a pool heater working properly. Have questions? Contact Blue Ribbon Pools asap.

Worried about the cost of heating your pool? Here are some tips!

1. Keep a thermometer in your pool. It will pinpoint accurately the temperature most comfortable for you.

2. Keep your thermostat at the lowest comfortable setting. Each degree more heat than needed could add more to your monthly fuel cost and use up more energy than necessary.

3. Lower thermostat to 70 degrees when pool is to be unused for three or four days. For longer periods, shut the heater off. You will save money on fuel consumption and help conserve energy.

4. Use a solar cover when pool is not in use. This can reduce heat loss by as much as 50%. If you are vacationing for a couple of weeks or shutting down for winter, turn the heater off completely, including any pilot light.