Leak Detection and Repair

There are a lot of options when it comes to leak detection. Blue Ribbon Pools has invested thousands of dollars and time into making sure we have the right equipment and knowledge to find and fix your leak the first time in the right way.

We offer extensive swimming pool & spa leak detection and repair services, including but not limited to:

Comprehensive Detailed Reports & Repair Recommendations

Structural Dive Inspections

Dye Testing

Camera Inspection

Minor Crack Repair

Structural Stapling Repair

Skimmer Repair & Replacement

Gutter Repair & Replacement

Underground Pipe Repair

Pictured is Maurice spending the weekend at Perry’s Oceanfront Resort in Daytona Beach. He understood the need for immediate results since vacationers don’t want the pool to be closed when they’re visiting. He fixed the leak while all the hotel guests were sleeping.

If you’re finding that your pool is or may be leaking, contact Blue Ribbon Pools before it becomes a financial nightmare!