Less Splash, More Cash

We often talk about ways to save money while enjoying your pool, but we often neglect to discuss how you can save money by not wasting your water! Typically, your pool will waste water by evaporation, leaks, filter back washing, and splashing. Remember when thinking in terms of water, every drop eventually adds up to equal gallons! Think about how many wasted gallons are contributing to your water bill.

1. Evaporation

While most things on the above list may seem manageable, you may be wondering just how in the world you’re supposed to stop evaporation, a natural occurrence, from happening. The best and simplest solution is to just simply make sure your pool is covered when it’s not in use. An uncovered pool can lose about an inch of water per week, which can add up to 7,000 gallons a year. Those wasted gallons translate into wasted dollars!

Another way to help prevent evaporation is to use strategically placed objects that are meant to block out wind, such as fences, boulders, and shrubs.

2. Leaking

More dangerous but perhaps easier to notice than evaporating water is leaking water. If you suspect your pool may be leaking, monitor it for 24 hours and then give Blue Ribbon Pools a call! We don’t want you to “leak out”! Having a pool leak repaired by a pool professional will not only save water but increase the life expectancy of your pool and lining.

3. Filter Backwashing

While filter backwashing is by no means a bad thing, you should be conscientious about it. Never backwash for longer than necessary. Two-minutes of filter backwashing for a sand filter will use up about 200 gallons of water. As soon as the water starts running clear in the sight glass, stop!

4. Splashing

Splashing is the one item on this list that you have the most control over! Of course, it’s super fun to splash around in the pool. No one wants to be a killjoy! But try to keep splashing down to a minimum. Keep an eye on children, but also monitor the adults- think of how much a water a grown man can displace!

If you would like to further discuss ways to save water and save money with your pool, give Blue Ribbon Pools a call!