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Splash In Style

Having a pool that just sits unused at nighttime is a waste – install LED lighting and your pool becomes usable 24/7!

What are some good reasons to get LED pool lights?

1. Vanity – they just look really cool, and your party guests will especially think so. Additionally, with fun colored light bulbs, you can customize the colors of the lights to match the theme of your party!

2. Money – You may pay more up front for LEDs, but you’ll make up for it in savings! According to Swim University, LED lights cost only pennies a month compared to incandescent, which work out to $1.00 per day or more.

3. Longevity – LED lights last longer than standard pool lights. LEDs are durable and last between 7 to 15 years.

4. Use – this one’s the kicker – you’ll definitely use your pool MORE with lighting. Not only can you safely swim at night time, but you can also before dawn if you’re an early riser. And your pool will look so great that you’ll want to show it off. Invite the whole neighborhood over!