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Show us your “vacation water” and you could win a free month of pool cleaning service. Simply post a picture of your Blue Ribbon Pools pool on our Facebook page and let us know how you enjoy your “vacation water” in the comments. One lucky “poster” will win each month!! You get more points for sharing this post and posting on your own comment section. You have until December 31st to enter for this month. Good luck!


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Stop in to the shop and take advantage of our end of season sale! 50% off floats! Gallons of chlorine – buy 2 get one free! Soft Tub – Free shipping ($400 value) plus $200 off regular price for Christmas. AND SO MUCH MORE! Sale ends on Dec 24th!

Deck the Pool With Boughs of Holly!

We’re sure you know that your pool is an investment – but are you making the most of your investment all year round? With a few additions like LED lights and a pool heater, you could virtually be using your pool 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year ’round!

If you decorate your house for the holidays, why not extend that your backyard? With LED pool lighting with changeable colors and even pool-safe dyes, your swimming pool can also be decorated for the holiday season!

How else can you enjoy the most out of your pool and backyard this season? Why not share the fun? Turn your pool and entire backyard into THE place to throw a holiday party!

With the proper lighting strategically placed throughout your backyard (including tiki torches and string lights around the fence), and some LED or floating lights in the pool, you’ll be set to keep the action going even when the sun sets early.

Another fun thing that might be cool to show (off!) is a fountain show!

Need help planning the design of your outdoor holiday party? Come visit our Outdoor Lifestyle Store in Port Orange and talk to our knowledgeable staff to find out what will work best for your vision and needs!

Start Thinking About Heaters

Even though we are still in the thick of summer swim season, we want to educate our customers that now is the time to be thinking about your pool heater. The cooler weather will be here before you know it and we want you to be prepared with “vacation water”.

Come by our new Outdoor Lifestyle Showroom located at 3670 S. Ridgewood Avenue in Port Orange and speak to our educated team on which heater is best for your backyard needs!

It’s never too early to start planning for your pool needs so you can enjoy “vacation water” year round!

Are you utilizing your pool pump correctly?

The average time for a swimming pool pump to run should be 8 hours. This ensures properly circulated and cleaned water. The pump should push your entire pool in gallons in this 8 hour period of time. However, sometimes the horse power of a swimming pool pump is overrated for their size swimming pool. If it is overrated your pump may be pushing your water through in a 6 hour period or even a 4 hour period of time. In this case you can reduce the time you run your swimming pool pump! Learn more about pool pumps from Blue Ribbon Pools – give us a call or come into the store to chat!

Check us out online!

Heat Today, Enjoy Tomorrow!

It may only be August, but it’s not too early to consider your pool heater! In addition to being able to enjoy your pool in the cooler months, a properly heated pool can contribute to your health and well-being! Doctors and physical therapists regard swimming as one of the most beneficial of cardiovascular exercises. It is an exercise that nearly everyone can do safely, regardless of age and most debilitating conditions. A heated pool is also great for therapeutic benefits. Doctors and Red Cross swimming experts recommend pool temperatures of from 78 degrees F for recreation and competitive sports swimming, to 90 degrees F or more for certain physical therapy patients.

Of course, the best reason to purchase a pool heater is to make sure you can enjoy your investment (your pool!) all year round with no off season.

Some pool heaters can wear out in only three or four years, but others can last 3 or 4 times as long. Heater failure is usually the result of some outside cause-not normal usage – provided it has been properly maintained. However, one maintenance inspection a year is typically sufficient to keep a pool heater working properly. Have questions? Contact Blue Ribbon Pools asap.

Worried about the cost of heating your pool? Here are some tips!

1. Keep a thermometer in your pool. It will pinpoint accurately the temperature most comfortable for you.

2. Keep your thermostat at the lowest comfortable setting. Each degree more heat than needed could add more to your monthly fuel cost and use up more energy than necessary.

3. Lower thermostat to 70 degrees when pool is to be unused for three or four days. For longer periods, shut the heater off. You will save money on fuel consumption and help conserve energy.

4. Use a solar cover when pool is not in use. This can reduce heat loss by as much as 50%. If you are vacationing for a couple of weeks or shutting down for winter, turn the heater off completely, including any pilot light.


5 Ways to Make Your Swimming Pool Safer

While a pool is a great asset for your home and fun for the whole family, there’s no sugarcoating it – it also has potential to be pretty dangerous if you’re careless. And we believe when it comes to swimming pools, it’s safety first – no matter what.

Remember, accidental drownings happen fast- within the amount of time it takes to answer the telephone. Additionally, child drowning usually occurs without splashing, screaming, or other noises to alert an adult. The following are a few tips in order to insure your pool is the safest it could possibly be for your children.

1. Adult Supervision

While this may seem like a no-brainer for parents, it is still the most important tip we can give. For one, your child is less likely to be rowdy and daring in the presence of an adult. But sometimes just the presence is not enough. If your children are in the pool, be in the pool with them. If that’s not possible, make sure you are close enough for a quick jump in if a rescue is needed!

2. Invest in Flotation Devices.

The next best thing to having you next to them in the pool, is a floatation device that your child can wear or at least cling to. It is recommended that every pool owner should own a lifesaver ring with rope and a shepherd’s hook to be utilized in case of drowning. Life jackets are a great investment, as well as floaties, kickboards, pool noodles. Flotation devices should never be kept away from the pool and all children should be taught how to use them properly.

3. Fence It In

This might seem like another no-brainer. Have a fence surrounded your pool so your child cannot accidentally walk around the backyard and fall in! A fence of a least four feet is recommended, with vertical slats less than 4 inches apart. Some makers of pool fences design their products with child safety as their core mission and will provide you an unique list of safety features.

4. Safe-Designed Ladders and Steps

While, having a fence around your pool should keep children and any unauthorized users out – but there are more security features you can implement as well, even in the form of a pool ladder! Some ladders feature roll guards to block off and make inaccessible the outside rungs, keeping everyone out until you release this feature. And while you’re enjoying the pool, it is still important to have safe steps and ladders to prevent slips and falls!

5. Invest in an Alarm

An “invisible fence” or a perimeter alarm is your best bet here. These will detect motion and set off a loud siren to alert you. You can additionally get an alarm specifically for your pool’s gate, or you are also able to purchase alarms that children wear on their own wrists! The wrist-alarms will go off if the wrist goes underwater. While we encourage everyone make the most out of their vacation water, we ask you to always remember – safety first!

Hotel Operators: Are your guests satisfied with your pool?

Your pool is often your most valuable community asset, and always the focus of owner and guest activities. Blue Ribbon Pools is in our third decade of growth because we understood that, like you, we’re part of the team that markets your property.

Blue Ribbon Pools is the leading Commercial Pool management company in East Central Florida. We understand the challenges that a pool presents to hotels, condominiums, homeowner associations, apartments and government entities.

We solve your problems with:

  • Full Service Pool Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Pool Equipment & Repair
  • Leak Detection & Repair
  • Pumps & Motors
  • Gas heaters and heat pumps
  • LED and conventional lights
  • Filters
  • Chemical feeders
  • Safety equipment & ladders
  • Tile & Resurfacing
  • Factory Warranty Support
  • Health Department Inspections & Compliance
  • Pool Chemical delivery service
  • Warranty Repairs – including equipment installed by other companies
  • Stain removal & acid washing
  • Concrete, acrylic & paver deck installation and repair
  • Pool Re-Surfacing & Remodeling
  • Commercial pool and commercial spa construction

Our solutions are delivered SEVEN DAYS A WEEK 365 DAYS A YEAR, because we know when your pool is down, you’re not only losing money but you’re upsetting your guests or residents. We use our cloud-based customer relationship software to identify, communicate and solve your problems faster and better than anyone. Supported by the best manufacturers in the pool industry, Blue Ribbon Pools knows what your property needs to ensure your pool stays at its best year-round.

Lots of companies say they “do commercial pools”. We hope you choose Blue Ribbon Pools, because ‘nobody does it better’. Keeping your pool attractive, safe and cost effective is our commitment to customers. – The Blue Ribbon Pools Promise

Keeping your pool attractive, safe and cost effective is our promise!

3 Ways to DIY Pool Maintenance in a Pinch!

Blue Ribbon Pools helps you avoid the frustration and maximizes your pool expectations – providing you with “vacation water”. Keeping your pool attractive, safe and cost effective is our commitment to customers. We solve all your problems with pool cleaning and maintenance, and our solutions are delivered seven days a week – 365 days a year!

And if you keep us coming on a regular basis, there should be no problems keeping your pool in top condition. However, we are aware that on occasion, sometimes things come up that you were not prepared to deal with and can’t always pick up the phone to get to us right away. With that in mind, here are some DIY Swimming Pool Maintenance “Hacks” – adapted from Swim University – and to be used only when you can’t call us yet! (Remember, these hacks DO NOT replace regular routine cleaning and maintenance, but do help make your life easier!)

1. Use a tennis ball to remove oils from the surface of the water.

Believe it or not, tennis balls will absorb oils (natural body oil, suntan lotion, makeup, hair products, etc). So throw a couple of tennis balls into your pool and just leave them be – they’ll do the work on their own!

2. Clean pool tile with a baking soda paste.

You’ve probably experimented with baking soda while cleaning your own home. Well, your pool is no different! Mix together baking soda with just enough water to form a paste. Using a sponge or brush (something that will scrub but not scratch) take a bit of the paste and scrub the tiles around your pool. The baking soda won’t negatively affect the water.

3. Use pantyhose to collect debris.

Pantyhose tends to be a bit cheaper than skimming socks. You can wrap the pantyhose around your skimmer net and just dispose of them when they are full. You can also wrap them around your skimmer baskets. The pantyhose will actually help collect more debris than with just a plain ol’ skimmer basket.

We hope these “hacks” will help you in a pinch, but remember that your best bet is always just to contact Blue Ribbon Pools to keep your vacation water in pristine condition!

We do it all – Seven days a Week!

For over two decades our residential and commercial customers have relied on us to make their pool a VACATION instead of a time-consuming job. We start with a FREE analysis of your pool water chemistry, pool surface, equipment, and the surrounding deck area.

Next, we’ll present a comprehensive solution at a reasonable price. Cloud-based information management software enables Blue Ribbon Pools to provide user friendly estimates and invoices complete with photos and video to help you understand what’s needed to keep your pool in top condition. Swimming pool cleaning, swimming pool and deck remodeling, leak detection, equipment repairs, and new swimming pool construction – that’s how we make vacation water™!

“I’m really impressed with how organized you are! I didn’t know there were any businesses run that way anymore. Thank you for adding me to your list of clients.” ~M. Burr

“I have and will continue to recommend Blue Ribbon Pools time and again. Their prompt, professional and knowledgeable staff treat every project (large & small) as a priority and are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the job is done right.” ~Rebecca

“Incredible design talent followed by seamless execution of installation. A nice blend of being able to adapt a design to the contour and environmental features we required to create that backyard wet paradise.” ~Rick

“Excellent company. Great customer service and follow through. I highly recommend using them for all of your pool needs.” ~Sean

“Love that Blue Ribbon Pools supports the breast cancer fight locally! Love seeing businesses give back!” ~Jessica

Come visit Blue Ribbon Pools Outdoor Lifestyle Showroom and see why we continue to get rave reviews!!

Swim In to Savings

Visit us at our Port Orange Outdoor Lifestyle Store! Our new location is your ONE STOP SHOP for all things needed to bring the vacation to your backyard!

Build the outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamed of right in our showroom. With our interactive tools and experienced team, we will outfit every inch of your backyard to make every moment a stay-cation!

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Splash In Style

Having a pool that just sits unused at nighttime is a waste – install LED lighting and your pool becomes usable 24/7!

What are some good reasons to get LED pool lights?

1. Vanity – they just look really cool, and your party guests will especially think so. Additionally, with fun colored light bulbs, you can customize the colors of the lights to match the theme of your party!

2. Money – You may pay more up front for LEDs, but you’ll make up for it in savings! According to Swim University, LED lights cost only pennies a month compared to incandescent, which work out to $1.00 per day or more.

3. Longevity – LED lights last longer than standard pool lights. LEDs are durable and last between 7 to 15 years.

4. Use – this one’s the kicker – you’ll definitely use your pool MORE with lighting. Not only can you safely swim at night time, but you can also before dawn if you’re an early riser. And your pool will look so great that you’ll want to show it off. Invite the whole neighborhood over!