The Differences in Chlorine

If you are new to owning a pool, you may be surprised to find out that pool supplies are not so simple. Take chlorine, for instance. Chlorine is an absolutely vital tool in your pool care and maintenance, yet, there is not a “one chlorine fits all” when you go shopping. In fact, there’s not even one type of chlorine! So, do you want powdered or liquid chlorine for your swimming pool?

Let’s first break down some facts about chlorine. Chlorine is a common sanitation product used by pool owners to kill bacteria and algae in their pool water. It helps keep your pool safe. Chlorine is an unstable chemical. It will degrade and breakdown over time, especially when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. This is why you are advised to test your water and administer chlorine regularly. It is very important to note that chlorine is actually a hazardous chemical, and it is important to remember proper safety while handling it, whether it be in powder or liquid form. Wearing both protective gloves and goggles are recommended regardless of form.

But is one form better than the other? As you may have suspected, there are pros and cons to both the powdered and liquid chlorine. Your decision will most like end up being based on a combination of your aptitude, budget, and the equipment you have in your pool.

Liquid chlorine is the cheaper option, gram per gram. However, this is more likely to be used in commercial environments, as with smaller pools, the cost tends to outweigh the performance. Liquid chlorine is highly corrosive, and therefore can be damaging to your pool equipment if you are not knowledgeable about proper chlorine handling.

Powdered chlorine is more commonly used in smaller, domestic pools. It is initially more costly than liquid chlorine, but not by a large margin. This will be your safest bet if you are taking care of your own home pool. Powdered chlorine comes in several different types, we recommend stopping by our showroom to find out more about which type of chlorine would be best for you!