Why is my pool green?

First, determine if the water is green or the surface of the pool. If the water is green, there are three possibilities:

  • It’s a green tint, generally clear but green: Your water chemistry out of balance and your chlorine or bromine sanitizer is probably low.  Remove any swimmers from the pool and add chlorine or shock with the pump running. The water should lose the green tint within two hours.
  • It’s cloudy green: You have a high level of phosphates or stabilizer in the pool. These two issues are very different and have different treatments, but both problems are caused by chlorine inhibitors.  No matter how much chlorine or algaecide you add, the water won’t clear. Call Blue Ribbon Pools for advice and help at 386-366-9000.
  • It’s a swamp: The chemistry is wrong, and the pump / filter system isn’t functioning properly. DO NOT DRAIN THE POOL – it might pop out of the ground. Call Blue Ribbon Pools for advice and help at 386-366-9000.

If the surface has green or yellow algae, it’s likely that either the pump / filter system isn’t functioning properly, or the water chemistry is out of balance.

  • Check your chemicals and adjust the chlorine and ph as indicated.
  • Check the pump – make sure it’s running at least 8 hours per day in the summer and four hours in the winter.
  • Clean the filter- either by backwashing (if it’s a DE or sand filter) or by cleaning the filter element (if it’s a cartridge filter).
  • Brush the sides and floor of the pool to put the algae into the water. Run the filter for 24 hours, and then clean the filter again.
  • Call Blue Ribbon Pools at 386-366-9000 if this sides have algae more than two days in a row.